Post Surgical Musings

Today I had my surgery, arrived as indicated at 11:30 am, but the three hour surgery and Post-Op, dn’t get home till 10 pm.  i have had to have a number of procedures and I could have gone in bitter, fighting God about this, but I didn’t I went in having meditated totally calm, even cracked a few jokes.  I thought about my life, and what I am doing now, the feedback on my poetry and songs, i realized what the key was to thing having improved, in spite of some health issues that needed addressing.  It was acceptance first of the reality of the situation, not in the sense that you are happy about what’s going on, any roadblocks that have been placed before you, but acceptance that this is the situation here and now.  I accept that right now I don’t have everything exactly as I wish i would be, but once I can accept that, then I can have clarity, step back, have clarity about my path etc…  Even the fibromyalgia has been the thing that kicked my rear end to get to the point now if realizing time to grow the hell up!  We often will take a setback, that kind of thing as “I failed”, and we have if we fail to be in the moment, accept that the situation in the moment is what it is.  Once we accept that, then we can create a plan of action, with clarity.  

I have determined that God does answer my prayers, it may not bee the way I thing He should, but he answers them according to what is best for me, if I can let go, work with what is going on in the moment, and even if you create a plan, be flexible in terms of how it actually plays out, be guided by The Spirit of He who created all things. As I mediate, even using the 72 names of God in Hebrew, create, listen to affirmations I do so with the mindset that whatever I am guided to do by the  Holy Spirit of the Creator of all things.  I make sure all my meditations begin with affirming only the most sacred of energies etc.., only the holiest of angels are permitted to enter my space.   Having mastered a point where I am in charge of my feelings and thoughts, they are not going to be in charge of me.  This surgery today showed me I can do it, even when pain comes, sharp pain, I have learned to breathe through it, accept what was going on now, and the hospital did give me something for it.  I didn’t freak out, didn’t fight the reality of the situation   The nurses said my recovery post op was great, and I just kept focusing on acceptance and what could I do with this situation, what could it do for others, my journey through this?  It’s amazing how things can flow when you accept what is here and now, with perfect larity and then you can find and apply a solution to the situation.  Remember, prayers can be answer in many ways.  

amste, Shalom and Amen