Power of The Arts


Last night I performed at the Music Concert at Most Precious Blood church here in Manhattan, one thing that really got me was seeing my rabbi wife tears from her eyes as I read my poem.  It really hit me, really hit me.  

The arts and artists have tremendous power, which is why when I see the vulgarity of some of these artists and how they have mocked the First Lady Elect, even the current First Lady not in a good spirited way, but mean, condescending way, it really is not a good thing, nor can it be justified.  When artists use the arts to spread anger, hatred of our nation, our flag etc.., same with athletes, to divide us, it is incomprehensible that they wold do so.  I understand that we have differences of opinions and viewpoints and we can be passionate about what we believe, but as I saw how with our message of love, hope etc.. as artists we moved people to tears to love etc… it really impacted me.  I realize we as artists and same with athletes have a grave responsibility to work to bring unity, while stile insuring love of God, Country, Flag, Constitution etc…, law and order.  We have to find a way to use the arts, sports, these platforms, media as a force for good, to elevate and that includes our young people, everything.  Our society can not and must not use the arts, or sports in a way that is dark or brings darkness, to bring hate to law enforcement even, this is not acceptable.  I hope that with this framework of Judaism and of the arts I can make changes within my own life and society, very positive ones.  

This  evening also made me realize that while I can give support etc.. to others, be supportive not all of it will be given in return and there will be those who will be there for me and be supportive as well, but there will be those too scared, to unwilling to go out of their way or be inconvenienced to show support when as I take my leaps of faith as an artist.  However, oddly enough it doesn’t bother me.  I was so happy to be impacting everyone, and to have the rabbi there.  I realized also that if someone is too scared, too attached to their little world, their creature comforts etc…, then I best move on.  If they have no desire to move forward, take my hand and be part of anything I am a part of, then well hasta la vista and God Bless.  Life goes on, and in my case beautifully, courageously, no parachute, just jump off the cliff and che sera sera!  Woo Hoo!!

Shalom and Amen!