Powerful Energies of the Season

Spring leads into Summer, into days of warmth and sun, 4th of July, and festive fun.  Spring is, as are all the seasons and patterns of the weather a metaphor for life.  The weather can have an effect on our mood etc.., but I love Spring as a metaphor for the seeds that begin to spring and leading to open air etc… It is a time to reflect also.  Reflect on what?

What have you done with your life thus far?  Where is your life now?  Where is it going?  What is your most cherished dream? What might you need to change that you are willing to and can change, at this time for that?  Is there anything needs streamlining in your life?   When we ask ourselves these questions it’s not to beat ourselves up, but just to reflect and see what we could change now, or what are we willing to change?  If we can make changes but won’t, what are we afraid of and how do we overcome that in this season of renewal, of blossoming?  My life is not where I would totally like it to be in terms of the artistic and a few other things.  I am not with a true twin flame or deep soulmate sharing the journey of life, someone with a creative streak and strong faith.  There are things that I need to do, like figure out how to get the fibromyalgia under control, get to a better financial situation, place.  I want to be self employed for the rest of my life, earning my daily bread through the arts and coaching.  I have to keep working with a business coach to guide me. I could also use a spiritual retreat and there is a church that is also a retreat center in Manhattan, so once I make some financial improvements, I need to take that time to get my full creative juices glowing.  Spring is not about reflecting to beat yourself up because as human beings, well we will screw up, it’s a fact.  Hope the screw ups are at a minimum and we learn lessons from them, don’t keep repeating the same screw ups or find new ways to screw up.  Life is a journey of learning, growing and what better time to do so than the Spring time and continuing into Summer.  Something to ponder.  I know I have changes to make and I look forward to this Spring and Summer being ones that bloom forth many blessings for me, that I can also share with others and that i unite with my creative twin flame in companionship and deep friendship.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen