Prayer Service, Hmmm?

I am all for having joy in prayer and all that, but something strikes me about a lot of the Evangelical prayer services and it leads me to ask if one is at Mass or a Feel Good Concert, Motivational Speaking Event.  What is this meaning for my spiritual journey and my search for Biblical Truth?  It is meaning that my journey, my seeking fellowship is perhaps coming and taking me full circle.  Faith is a journey, life is a journey, my journey continues, even when I have found the home of truth of faith it will still continue, as it should.

They say that often what we seek is right in front of us, so what if what I am seeking total union with God, total union with the Heavens etc.., Biblical truth is to be found in my family heritage?  What if instead of looking everywhere and anywhere I go back to the root of things?  Sometimes in life, in faith, in relationships we need to go back to the beginning, to the roots.  I want to be of service and I found myself very much welcomed by Hadassah and the Jewish Community, I thought this was the only place I can serve, I can maybe find a way to put my creative talents to use.  As I was almost compelled today to look at the website of St. Peter’s Basilica, I saw they have ample opportunity to serve, including Pr0-Life endeavors with the Sisters of Life, and a choir, no experience needed, just the desire to sing for the Lord and move hearts.  What if I start attending Mass twice a week and Sunday?  What if I participated in the Choir and volunteered for Pro-life efforts via St. Peters?  The only way I will know is if I go ahead, though for the choic, I may have to wait until January to join, but that’s okay.  Maybe I can start a Bible Study program, one that is truly prayer filled, and looks at the Bible through every aspect, literal, metaphysical, metaphorical etc.. I figure it’s worth pursing and seeing if that Full Unity and truth I seek is to be found in the RC faith, my heritage.