Preparing for Christ, His Coming

Christ Consciousness

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Many ask me what is the reason Christ Consciousness occurs? How do we find the meditation and this awakening any helpful?

There is not really one answer. The reason is that everyone’s awakening process is different. We all are connected yet we all are unique in our own way. Therefore, awakening of each and every person is different. You cannot judge others by tests you were put through.

One thing is certain though. The awakening will often come and leave you to wonder for higher purpose. As you awaken, you divine work as divine creation of God starts. Although process is different for everyone, there is also a remarkable sense of similarity. Don’t get it?

We all pray to God. We all revere Jesus. However, how God reaches to us is a personal matter which cannot be forced. We all go to church. However, how one receives guidance in church or what one feels cannot be said for everyone. In this article, I will mention a few preliminaries which will aid you in overcoming the challenges which will often come in spiritual awakening:

You are Chosen:

You must tell this to yourself the next time you face difficulties in overcoming your negative aspects of emotions. Why me? Instead ask, what am I chosen for? Replace the “Why” with ‘What”. You must understand that our idea of pain and suffering is filled with illusions. The reason is that there is no greater suffering than knowing that what you have placed your faith in was a deceptive illusion after all. What makes this suffering greater is that ultimately you cannot get rid of the illusion despite knowing that this illusion is costing you your growth.

Remembering that you are chosen tells you that if you are seeing these illusions, if you are seeing the world as it is and it is hurting, it isn’t because the truth is painful, it is because you have attached yourself to this idea. It is time for liberation of limiting norms.

Stay Flexible:

The worthy experience of being flexible is reason why you will always end up with contentment and happiness. Your presence is worthy of God’s blessings and gifts. What you want is not what might be best for you. What you plan is not in alignment with your highest benefits every time. Especially when you undergo Christ Consciousness experience, you must learn that your desires will be fulfilled. The difference will be they won’t be exactly as you planned. You may have to do work to get them, you will have to show gratitude and next thing you know is that you are blessed with one of rare chances which only the “lucky” get.

Common is Extraordinary:

Why do you think we experience a normal human life as we go by? This human life and its norms must change if we are to receive the spiritual guidance. The change does come. Your whole life shifts from one point to other. However, the world remains the same. Get it? What I mean is sure you will change, but it is internal change I am talking about. Change is divine and constant. You will know that smaller things like waking up everyday and even breathing and eating are blessings. You will find joy in smaller things. You need to learn to enjoy smaller things and adhere to belief that life isn’t as common and ordinary as we think it to be.

With all the above mentioned instructions, the list is by no means all inclusive. There will always be an evolved approach; however the core of all will remain same. Always remember that growth is natural. When we stop growing, we create pain and suffering for ourselves.