Pride, False Pride and Macho Pride


The Bible says that Pride Cometh Before the Fall, but is there no room for any pride? No, not really, and one has to understand the different nuances of pride.  

Pride to the level of self dignity, confidence to put forward what you feel in your heart, and take care of your self on many levels, your space things of that nature is positive, that kind of pride is not a negative if it is not to the point of vanity.  As long as it does not move to the realm of narcissism and vanity, it’s fine, a good thing.  As long as it does not take your ambitions to where nothing else matters, no one else matters and you trip over yourself, like Senator Cruz and the Clinton clan have done, then okay.  Within measure and reasonable bounds, pride in the context of self dignity, confidence is fine.  

Then you have false pride, which I witness when the Democrats for example try to call the Republicans Nazi and all that, since they were started by the KKK and have a very dark history, while the Republicans are the Party of the Abolitionists and have a history of freedom, not trying to create a welfare dependent state, except in maybe recent history. The Democrats, Far Left demand that all minorities be liberal progressive and Democrats, which is not very democratic, yet they call Trump and his children Nazi.  False and stupid pride.  Groups can forget their true history, can think they are the beacon of whatever and make the other guy the devil, so prideful of their being the beacon of light in the world, when really they are not.  The programs of the left, one size fits all, burden of regulations, so much I could point out, and also control of the markets etc… by a few elite, as Trump rightly points out rigging the system, love him for pointing it all out, kudos, has destroyed the Capitalist Federalist Constitutional Representative Republic Vision, nearly of the Founders, of those who first came to these shores.  That is truly sad, even more sad is the false pride that politicians have, so many have in bolstering their programs, their achievement, political agendas and careers to keep the status quo rather than taking a sledge hammer to DC and smashing it all up, to reconstruct it with a strict Constitutional interpretation as originally intended by the Federalist Republic model.  

We also see this with relationships, as we do macho pride, and women also can display false pride, I know from experience.  We may want to reach out to someone in whatever capacity, professional, friendship, even romantic, even someone we already made a connection to somehow, or re-connect with someone, give it another shot, maybe this time our circumstances have changed.  However, because of pride we don’t reach out.  We may know that on our own in regards to professional growth we are not getting anywhere and connecting with a particular person would get us out of the box and we could achieve a lot, but pride, false pride, maybe macho pride, some guys still have that stupid macho pride, prevents it.  The only one we hurt is ourselves in the end of course, but the pride won’t let us see that.  Maybe because we acted in a way that was less than perfect the first time around, or we feel we were hurt, our pride says “don’t welcome them back so easy, make them sweat, make it hard on them if they come back”.  Though we want to have them back in our lives, though we sense they have grown etc…, our pride at the pain we went through first time around may not let us see that or be willing to even consider that.  We may lose out on a great relationship second time around because of it.  False pride, macho pride can play out in so many ways, these are just some, and I am sure there are more.  Not easy to know when we are acting in false pride, hopefully if you read this, you can be more aware, and I hope I myself am become more aware.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen