Prison Is A Choice

The endometriosis and one or two other issues have made it so I really don’t go anywhere, other than my immediate neighborhood or doctor’s appointments.  This could become a prison if I allow it to be.  Instead I have begun taking notes of what I see, observe that catches my eye, so that I can write new artistic and coaching material.  The same will go for when I have upcoming surgeries, since I will have to take it easy for several weeks after each surgery.  Again, I can see it as prison, or as an opportunity to study, meditate, reflect, create.  The event, situation may not be one to smile about, but how my time is spent during that time and how I react to it can bring a smile to my face.  Some stuff we can control, and some it part of the life process, and though it may not be a pleasant experience, it doesn’t have to become a prison.  Whether we are in a prison or free, that is a choice, can be a choice.  I hope that I always make the choice for freedom and also I hope for objective moral truth.  I kept thinking today about that, about prisons and how some are ones we can create, which can come through emotional baggage or some other way.  I pray that I never create prisons for myself.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen