Problem Is Not Electoral College

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People complain about the EC when their candidate does not win and yes it is not perfect, but there is a reason we have the EC. Not to say we can not fix it and there is a Bill being presented to make the EC more evenly keeled for both Parties. Hopefully it will pass.

If the problem is not the EC, then what the heck is the problem? Main problems are the following. First you have all people counted when they are giving out the number of electoral votes, not strictly vetted eligible voters and that is a problem because it is not truly reflecting the electorate of the state or the nation. You have no strict vetting of who votes, in terms of their being eligible according to the Constitution, to residency requirements, none of that. With those two factors alone, the EC is not able to function as it was meant to function and if we are going to be a true Constitutional Democratic Federalist Representative Republic, then we must make changes. We must make changes to the EC, which includes some kind of uniform code and rules for the states to follow across the board, only include strictly vetted eligible to vote electorate in assigning number of electoral votes per state. We must make sure that the only ones voting are those in line with the requirements literally of the Constitution.

As for why we have the electoral college, two reasons. The first reason was to have a buffer between population and the selection of a President. The second was to give extra power to the smaller states, who would otherwise be shoved aside and have little to now voice in the process and selection of our POTUS. It is also part of compromises made at the convention to satisfy the small states. Each state had the same number of electoral votes as they have representative in Congress, thus no state could have less then 3. The smaller states thus have a fair share of representation. There is no way they are going to have that taken away from them by strictly popular vote where those cities with a larger population would have a greater advantage and influence, now way. This system is what saved the day, thanks to Connecticut who came up with this compromise, so we could have a Constitution and a Republic form. Thank you CT!

Like I said, we should tweak a bit, but we are not a direct democracy, and were not ever meant to be one, so suck it up America!

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