Problem With the Met Gala

met gala 2018

This is not even counting the bondage rosary mask.  Scripture tells us that in the latter days truth will be twisted and mocked and what is evil, unhealthy etc… will be lauded as good.  All you have to do is look around you and know that is true.  This shows that.  Even worse is that the Church gave their blessing, the Vatican sending the Choir to sing at the Gala had to know, and so did NY’s Cardinal Dolan, he even took photos with the Gala organizers I believe.  These people wearing these garbs belong to an industry that mocks the Christian faith, not any other faith group, no it gets all upset if you use the word Islamic Terrorists or Jihadists, but mocked Pence for his expression of faith, mocks Conservatives and Christians constantly on and off stage, simply for believe and adhering to, especially those who fully do, to God’s Scriptural Truth, Biblical Truth.  Does the media dare do so with any other faith group?  No they don’t.  Mainly because Catholics, Christians in trying to love thy neighbor etc…don’t really war against those who mock us, we don’t do jihad.  The sad part is that the Church sold out, it sold out to the things of the world, the very thing that Jesus said we were not to do, we were not to be of this world, neither was the church to be.  Yet the Vatican, Dolan sold out, sold out to the world in the name of whatever.  If the Church sells out, well what example of scriptural faithfulness can they provide?  Same with the debacle of the Boy Scouts undermining the role of male and female, their beautiful differences, the differences in how they learn.  This sacrilege of this Gala really brought home how degenerated Hollywood, and society is, and how sad the Church has become, how it has through so called Social Justice and in different ways sold out, and sold its’ soul.  That really is a terrible day and thing for humanity, and it is going to be up to the patriots and true faithful of scripture to get the church and things back on track and regain the soul of the Church and nations. 

Shalom and Amen