Processing “Negative” Emotions


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I prefer the word “uncomfortable” emotion.  Anger, jealousy, are not necessarily negative, in the sense of righteous anger when we see people mistreated, harmed, that sort of thing and jealousy, well a certain amount of jealousy with the one you love  is normal.  If you are out in public, at an event or you have people over and your spouse, your fiance, person you are dating, in a serious relationship with is flirting with almost everyone in the room, touchy feely and all that, well yeah, jealousy is normal unless you are dead or something is wrong with you.    I came across a few things and one can go through a long process or not so long one.  Here are steps to take to move forward with uncomfortable or even emotions you are not sure of what they are.

  • Mindfulness
  • Naming the Emotion/s – I myself might put on some chimes type music, just chimes and sit in a quiet room and ask Holy Spirit to help me discern what the feelings are.
  • Acceptance of Emotion/s
  • Meditation to do a reframing of things, put things in context and perspective, find clarity and release all the toxic just from that situation emotionally etc.. and change any patterns you need to change for the situation to change – this will not necessarily happen overnight, so you will have to likely go through this process a few times, several times
  • Very important always be grateful for the blessings in your life

May we all color, and never allow life’s circumstances to totally break us, never.  At the same time, may we be willing to see truth, face it head on, and be guided by The Spirit of the Creator in all things.

Shalom and Amen

Please feel free to leave feedback and comments, let me know how the blog has helped you and what topics, material you would like to see more of, or like to see me write about.  Bless.