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The Little Comfort Heart Pillow™ 

The Little Comfort Heart Pillow™ is designed to soothe and comfort during distressful times. Use to relieve physical aches and pains, promote deep restful sleep or simply warm yourself on a chilly night.

It would be a terrific gift for someone who has recently had surgery and needs some extra TLC. Holding the pillow firmly to chest will help ease the discomfort of coughing and sneezing, which is so painful after surgery.

And don’t forget your favorite young lady who is dealing with her monthly cycle! These pillows make wonderfully thoughtful “rite of passage” gifts.

Warm the pillow and place it on your chest for a wonderful night’s sleep… the natural solution for Insomnia! Heating in the microwave for 2-3 minutes will provide approximately 45 minutes of soothing warmth. Tuck the pillow down by your feet for an extra treat!

Herbal Blend
The Little Comfort Heart Pillow™ comes with an herbal blend of  Lavender, Marjoram and Clove The aroma of the SOOTHE herbal blend is light and delicate, and blends well with the following essential oil choices.

You get to choose your favorite color!

Removable washable cover. 13 1/2? x 15? approx 4.1 pounds

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The Little Comfort Heart Pillow™ is filled with Golden Flax. Golden flax is a grain grown in the northern USA. The periwinkle blue flowers mature to tiny pods filled with these golden seeds. The flax grown for The Little Comfort Heart Pillow™ is cleaned, food-quality-grade that contains 30-40% oil. When warmed or chilled, these little gold seeds hold HOT or COLD temperature better than brown flax or any other pillow fill. The fresh scent of Golden Flax blends beautifully with soothing essential oil blends. Flax seeds move in the pillows to gently support or contour to your body. These seeds also provide a therapeutic weight that provides compression, acupressure, and comfort.


Lava Bead Minimalist Diffuser Bracelet & Choice of Essential Oil Blend
This is a fantastic gift for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite essential oils throughout the day. The minimalist look of this lava bead bracelet combined with the functionality of a diffuser is a winning combo! In addition, you get to choose a 10 ml essential oil so they can use the bracelet for diffusing right away. It comes in a lovely organza bag so your gift is ready to go!

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