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Supercharge your oral health routine by using Mishlei 3110 Breath of Life essential oil blend when you brush, floss, or for a quick breath-freshener any time of day.

This oral health essential oil blend utilizes 11 therapeutic quality essential oils chosen for unique properties that…

  • Soothe irritation
  • Support healthy gum tissue
  • Freshen breath

Many are finding it very effective in reducing symptoms of painful dental issues such as swollen or inflamed gums, canker sores, and gingivitis. And it’s the right choice if you’re looking for oral health products that do contain essential oils, but do not contain preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, or alcohols. (Vegan & nut-free too.)

A note from our founder: You may have noticed that this is one of the few essential oil products we carry without our label. On occasion, we highlight a product from one of our community members. We have chosen Mishlei 3110 Breath of Life because we’ve used it personally and are absolutely loving the results! We wanted to make sure all customers could have access to it as well. Enjoy! – Katherine Appello

Ingredients in Mishlei 3110 Breath of Life

Apricot Kernel Oil: Light and absorbent, allows greater effectiveness with less drops.  Antioxidant properties due vitamin E content.
Black Pepper: Effective pain killer
Cardamon: Breath freshener
Clove, Cinnamon, Thyme, Oregano, Peppermint, Tea Tree: Anti-microbial, freshens breath
Fennel: Stimulates circulation
Helichrysum: Rejuvenates gum tissue rejuvenation.

Methods of Use

Use 1-2 drops with toothpaste while cleaning teeth, or directly on the toothbrush for freshening, or on a cotton swab to apply to irritated gums. 1 drop can be used when flossing.

NOTE: The is a potent blend. 1-2 drops is all that is needed.  It is intended for ADULT USE ONLY.