Progressive Really Progressive?


9 Problems With Progressivism


Progressive, you think progress, but is it really?  What we have now is not pure and true Capitalism and that is the real problem.  We don’t have a Capitalism that is not subsidized to save the big boys from failing, restructuring etc…, and we don’t have people running most businesses that can balance responsibility for the environment and also profit.  We have brunch of laws, often where Federal and State law collide, which is nuts if you are trying to run a business, even freelance. We don’t have very few, but quite specific laws to ensure businesses run smoothly, but also responsibly.  However,  Progressive, give it all away, tax to death etc.. is not the solution, fixing these things I’ve here presented, these key points is.  We require politicians who believe in this kind of Capitalism, in limited but smart regulation and no subsidies for anyone, and who will allow all charity, welfare to be in the hands of community organizations, faith organizations.  We require politicians, businesses and faith leaders who can come up with innovative, effective ways to deal with healthcare, securing borders etc…priority being America’s prosperity etc.. and also find ways to change nations to become true Capitalist, Federalist Republics that thrive and make immigration a non issue and never necessary.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen