Quote and Reflection

majesty of creation

“The Mystery of Creation forms by Faith in the Creator”

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When I read this, I recalled how before anyone ever told me there was a God, I would look to the sky smile and say “Big Daddy, Big Daddy”  When I was four one night my mom came into the room after I had put my jamies on and saw me kneeling at the side of the bed, hands folded, head bowed, eyes closed and praying to Big Daddy.  She couldn’t figure how it was automatic that I did that and did so every night, no need to tell me to pray, it was something I felt was right. 

As I got older my relationship to the Roman Catholic faith did not continue strong, but that didn’t mean my innate knowledge of a Big Daddy was gone.  My parents splitting, different health issues, you would think I would have totally decided there is no God and looking at the crazy world around me kudos.  No, all the crazy, the different levels of missing the mark, yet people searching for something, as well as the complexities of nature made it so I am certain there is a creator.  Free will is a blessing when used to honor God’s laws and Biblical truth, when not, it can seem like a curse, but that’s our choice if we make it a blessing or a curse.  It depends on how we honor scripture truth, giving each person the gift of realizing their talents etc.. and the ability to build character, men and women.  It depends on how we honor natural order of law and order, sexuality and sexual everything really.  Creation itself speaks of a complex creator, and our differing emotions, how we each process things differently so on and so forth, as well.  I hope I always maintain that very clear truth that there is a creator, there are natural laws and boundaries that must not be crossed, and that we must be allowed to fall, fail , go through trials, challenges and build character, faith and so much more.