Quote and Reflection


The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain

Makes sense right? Yeah, but a lot of the time human nature doesn’t get what is common sense or if we do, other stuff gets in the way.  Some of it is legitimate logistical concern, such as how to finance the idea etc…, so it’s not that we don’t have the motivation at times, there are legitimate logistical and tactical issues that have to be taken care of.  However, there is a big lesson I have learned from being where I am at 50 something.

Dreaming is great, planning is great, setting goals is great, but then what? It’s fine to have a dream, a plan and goals, we should, I applaud that.  However, often what happens is we create a plan, then we get so overwhelmed by the plan in front of us etc…and what is required to bring it to fruition we freeze, we find excuses why it can’t be done.  What changed from years of not doing what I am doing to doing it? For one, we now have great technology that means I can do a lot of stuff at home and it doesn’t cost a whole bunch of money.  There are services such as Fiverr and others like it where I can have my sites promoted etc… and again not have it cost an arm and a leg as the saying goes.   I also realized that setting reasonable goals say six weeks at a time, even for eight weeks at a time makes things less stressful.  In addition how I handle what happens positive or negative, presumably negative at that moment, will make a huge difference to the big picture, so if I can stay calm and ride out any storm, see the good in it, the lesson in it, not a loss.  The important thing is realizing that with today’s platforms and technologies, if I can dream it, I can make it happen, somehow I can make it happen and I can do it ethically, with integrity and not a lot of money or even getting into any kind of debt.  Mark Twain is quite right in his advice, especially these days.  As for those out there paid activists, destroying property etc…, get a life, get a constructive life, make a positive impact not with paid violence and such, use today’s technology, educate yourself on the Constitution, history and founding of this nation, even study Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, do something constructive to change society.  There is so much potential with the arts to make a difference, with education, doing so with fact, truth, objectivity, so get out there do it.