Raising a Teenage Daughter

Let’s face it, teens can seem to be aliens from another planet and with all the pressure and bullying they can face these days, it’s nuts.  How do you handle living with a teenage daughter?  Though I have no kids, I was an ESL instructor and have observed stuff in my over 50 years on this earth.  Teens are in this weird place, where they aren’t kids, but they have not fully developed or had the life experiences to be a full adult, so it really it a weird place for them to be.  I hope these tips help, for those of you who have teen kids.  To the teens of cyber world, parents are pains in the rear because they care, if they never asked questions, never set boundaries etc… be worried because basically they didn’t care.  Don’t be harsh on parents, they are doing what loving someone more than your own life does, try to guide and protect. Got it! Good.  The winding maize that is parenting and life as a teen, a true adventure, may both sides live it wisely and well.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen