Reaching Out May Not Matter


As someone who is very open in reach out, heart on her sleeve, has always reached out, taught ESL, always been involved in exploring culture, never stayed in a box really, I have realized that reaching out may not matter.  Yesterday two things, on the personal front and the other on the international news front had me thinking on that.  

On the personal front someone I have reached out to in sincere friendship, even creative collaboration efforts, in support during what I sense is a rough time in their life has basically been non responsive and shown what I previously wrote about as noncuranza an Italian term.  I have been told by one or two people close to me that surely he comes to city for gigs and stuff, if he really wanted to, had the courage, he could, would make the effort to meet, to collaborate etc…  Yesterday this person was doing a gig in Manhattan, my neck of the woods and I realized they are right.  If I were going to be in the area and if someone were making efforts to establish a friendship etc… and to be there for me in a tough time, I would take hold of such an opportunity to reach out, take them up on it.  I would not let fear stop me from reach out in return to someone that I truly wanted to reach out to, not really, not if I truly wanted to connect.  Thus, it is clear that reaching out is not enough even in friendship sometimes, which is the only way in which I was reaching out, nothing more because without friendship there is nothing, not even creative collaboration to be had in life.  I have realized that even that door now is closed.  It is sad that it is because there truly was a lot of potential there for a friendship, collaborative cooperation, common culture worldview.  It would have been a blast, but after reaching out over and over again and having the door slammed in your face, you have to have enough wisdom and self respect to say enough and shut the door, bolt it shut and decide It is what it is.  It is their loss.   

The Paris attack made me think of the unicorn kumbaya fantasy of the ultra left that if you just give the radical jihadi terrorists, or any die hard radical fanantical group, especially if stuck some century way past,  jobs and a hug all will be well, or even the ultra right that if you just bomb the whole lot of them, that solves it all.  Problem is neither one alone works.  When you are dealing with fanatical religious ideologues stuck in centuries past entrenched in that, hubs and kumbaya or bombing alone won’t help.  You really do have to think strategy for the next 100 years, and think of a hexagon with multiple approaches, and it likely on some level will have to include cutting off the head of the snake and the tail, both.  Reaching out alone with love and kumbaya to those who are hell bent on a Caliphate, chopping off heads etc.. is not going to eradicate the ideology, but on a larger scale in the USA, in Europe, even in the Arab world, neither is just going in and bombing, so we are going to need some very smart leaders and some very dedicated leaders within the Muslim world of all ages to say ” No More Jihad, except internally, and no more Wahhabi Islam”  Unless we as a global community work towards the eradication of Jihad and radical anything, while still respecting freedom of spirituality and spiritual practice, thought we will not have a free society, or a safe one.  


Namaste, Shalom and Amen