Realization About Fibromyaliga

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

There is a realization that I’ve come to about the fibromyaliga, and how it can affect the ability to put into practice the law of attraction.  I have also figured out how to overcome that I think.

The main problem with the fibro is that they have found out that it really is a autoimmune disease and that explains all the sinus infections, bronchial infections in my life and it also explains the fatigue, the crashes if I push too hard, if I don’t pace myself.  The fatigue is the toughest part of this, so being an indie artist and life coach online, through the google plus and google hangout venues is what will work best for me.  The fatigue and run down that you feel can also take away the energy and positive energy to really engage in putting in the energy flow for the law of attraction to really take hold.  What do I do?  I have to do a few things.  One I have to figure out how to repair via frequencies and vibrations my immune system and also lifestyle.  One thing that will help a lot is developing very close relationships within the synagogue community, the Jewish community and also really getting over any past hurts, really healing the past so I can embrace a one on one true soulmate union with my soulmate, and I have an idea who that soulmate is,but it is on them to make it happen for us.  I think really working with associate rabbi Muller to hone my artistic skills will also be important and putting them to use in the faith community and even as an indie artist and life coach will be helpful in repairing my body.  The immune system when beaten down by pain, sadness etc…will suffer consequences, and so these are something I have to do.  I also have to bring in the prosperity to leave where I live now and go live in the space that God showed me that I am meant to live in, until the time comes for me to enter into a covenant union that will bring me great bliss, joy and so much more, as will I to them.  Once I am in my own space and I am living as a fully indie artist, coaching, doing all the things that right now I can’t do because of the space I am in, and i change my lifestyle, how I eat, cook for myself in advisory of a holistic nutritionist.  I know for a fact I can achieve all of this, but I have to repair the system that due to pain in her life was damaged and it won’t happen overnight, but with good endorphins from good friendships, Shul, prayer, meditation and then also the right soulmate union, that special one, I am sure my system will repair and I look forward to a new space, new life with this new year.

You can help by please subscribing to my kappelloarts youtube channel so I can get my own custom link. I also hope to bring in depth coaching to others taking what I have learned in my own life to create materials and find materials to use the coaching.  I have a path that I believe is going to change things, and I look forward to the wonderful people that will make this journey with me.  

Shalom and Amen