Realized the Root of My Moxy


As I watched a Catholic program last night and learned about the moxy of a particular saint, to where she told Pope Clementine no she would do train an order of nurses to be nuns, teachers yes, nurses no and stuff like that, I thought of other really spitfire women saints, my mom, another strong firm opinion spitfire lady, very Catholic, very sure of her opinions.  

I realized the common thread of my moxy, of my tell it like it is, no political correctness more often than not.  It’s the moxy of the women of my childhood faith, and the moxy of my mom.  This thread of Catholic women who are not afraid, who go forward, and if I had understood the treasures of my faith a lot more and these women more in depth, I probably would have moved on my dreams, what God put in my heart much sooner, in a more bold way.  It is a lovely thing to be able to see a thread of where you get who you are, and what gives you your moxy, your indomitable spirit, in spite of life’s curveballs like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue.  I realize that the Church does have a place for women, has many places, that women can realize their potential in a number of ways.  Does it ask that you stay within the boundaries of the faith if you are going to be working for institutions of the faith, yes and that is common sense, especially in education.  You can not be an example that contradicts the teachings of the faith, nor should you be.  There is ample room in media, education various roles for women to play in the church, even in the Church itself, for women who have moxy, but like everything else, the Church has enforce certain boundaries and you can either lump it or don’t be part of it, your choice.  The notion that women in the Catholic Church have no voice, are simply subservient to a pope, all are like puppets.  That is not true, women have a voice, importance and power not because of the vestments or pulpit, but because they are women and are strong, smart, sassy even and can tell it like it is with heart.  I think I really need to re study the faith of my heritage and the women of it also, their strength, wisdom.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen