Rebirth -A Poem

Revelation 12

I was created
With crown of
Twelve stars
Tangled into my curls
Enveloped in
Sol seduction
Of immersing
Mirrored in this
Mountain moon
My given holy ground
From which I sprout
And spring forth
In infinite expansion
Of all that
I am.
I infused my epidermis
With rendered reminders
Of these inspirations
Of which I speak
I tucked them
Under my scalp
Where they grew
Dim and hid
Until the day
I was born
And I can’t even say
What day that was
But the scene set
Upon my conception
Is filling up
My goddess glass.

Tear of the Phoenix

As I come full circle
To reinvent what was never lost
I reconnect with the part of myself
That I had long forgot Each tear I cry
Is an expression of joy
A liberation of pain
And all that ties me down
A tear is a beautiful vehicle
To the higher self
That you always know but sometimes gets lost
In fear and doubt A tear to wash away the pain
To paint a new picture
Of what shall remain
I came across this poem and thought of my journey through life and love, primal love anyway and how I have come full circle back to finding my authentic self, able to let go, purge the ego to whatever extent I can, keep check on it.  In doing so, I can embrace a whole new life, even in my artistic work and path.  Whatever area of life it is, I can shed the ego, turn it to ashes and totally give myself to higher wisdom of the Three-Fold Flame, the Holy Trinity, in depth Biblical Wisdom, true spirituality, no ego, and be who I am meant to be.  It’s a beautiful thing to love, and learn, grow throughout your life to come full circle back home to divine wisdom in all things.
Shalom and Amen