Recognizing Profound Connection/Inspiration


In life we will encounter different energies and connections, some are “lust”, some are intellectual, some are creative, some are well a beautiful combination of magnetic pull, spirit connection and also psychic consciousness connection, very deep and profound.  

When such a connection comes into your life and if you are artistically inclined, well, it can open you up to a lot, and it can be a catalyst, which a particular connection such as this was for me.  It somehow gave served as an override, a total sudden, raw override for any fears, for any red lights, anything that might keep me from moving forward with any opportunities I wanted to grab hold of artistically.  That was a major first step, that sense of determination to make my dreams come true and whenever I was going to give up, I remember him telling me never to give up on my dreams, and the amazing energy whenever I attended any of his performances,  the great stuff that came out of this link, this connection on all these levels poem and song wise.  I just got back on track with my spiritual truth and my artistic path.   Today, when The Harry Fox Agency sent me notice that hey were licensing, one of their clients was licensing my works for several projects, this person came to mind and I was so grateful that God had placed them in my path.  Their telling me never to give up on my dreams and our connection has made a big difference.  Then I had a decision to make.  Did I do what my spirit, the depth of my soul, my artist heart was telling me to do, acknowledge that and thank them, also extend in friendship what my instincts were telling me they need, exactly that, and verbally, not assuming they know it’s available, my friendship, that shoulder, those ears to listen, that creative collaboration, all of it?  Did I go with my instincts that it was okay to do that and not come across in any way negative?  Who knows if it would not come across as too brazen or something like that?  Then I decided, no, have the courage to do what you instinct is telling you to do.  Acknowledge that they inspired and offer the friendship, so I have done just that.  What they do with that friendship offered with all sincerity is up to them.  I am grateful for the inspiration they provide and the psychic conciseness connection that gives me a window into their heart, spirit and soul and to put that into poetry, song, so beautifully.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen