My Refelection This Lent

The Journey That is Life.

This Lent I am reflecting on two things, my roots/who I am and choices (friendships, vocational path) because they matter a great deal.  

My ancestral roots, cultural and family roots play a part in who I am.  My great grandmother Catherine, my namesake, was a very intuitive and formidable lady.  My aunt Mary, also on mom’s side loved to sing, had a great voice.  My dad and uncle Joe, like me, great with kids and also our furry friends.  My mom, much as she is a perfectionist at times and it has been a butting of heads most of our lives, is where I get my moxy from.  My multi-lingualism is due to my family growing up speaking Italian with mom, having spend a year in Argentina as a child, going to school there, and then keeping up with the language on my own after, a blessing.  Growing up Catholic, well that also made me a true Classic Liberal Conservative, Federalist Republican.  Every part of my family heritage, my culture made me, me and I had not fully embraced that because of what transpired with my parents, their divorce, my dad’s  family, the tensions with them and my mom.  I guess I rejected a big part of who I was and sought to embrace anything but Catholicism and my culture fully.  Something changed and now I am ready to fully embrace that, fully explore that.  I am ready to reflect on who I am and fully embrace that this Lenten season.  I am also ready to look at those connections in my life that are to be nurtured, those that have been in my life for a long time, friendships and also those that show real potential, those that I have reached out to and have said yes to the invitation of friendship, of collaboration.  It is time to make choices in relationships in all things that are going to be nourishing, that are going to bring mutual joy, personal growth, and so much more to the table naturally, organically.  I have those connections, have made such connections, including ones where I did put out an invite so to speak to engage in friendship and collaboration, and it was met with a positive affirmative yes.  The individuals in these connections are really wonderful people I feel the energy very naturally flows both ways and has really great vibes and potential both ways on any number of levels. I can’t waste my energy, time on those who have arms closed when I extend my friendship with arms wide open. Life has too much potential for that. TIme to live it.  It also time to focus on what I truly feel I wish to do with my life, the artistic, self produce somehow.  I want to create and produce theme albums, do so in collaboration with certain great people.  I have had great insight from the Holy Spirit as to what is necessary, so now I am meditating on being guided to obtaining those resources to achieve it.  I reflect on the importance of not reaching out to those who do not merit one’s time and effort and focus on those who do, those who have shown they want your friendship, welcome it, and build it with them, friendships, sacred, time honored through thick and thin, where even if you disagree on anything, it won’t matter, you will still be friends even years later and care about each other always at at he end of the day and also appreciate each other, your gifts, your talents.