Refining the View, Too Confining?

The Journey That is Life.

As I come further into my own with a clear path of who I am and what I wish to do with my life’s journey, am supposed to do, thanks in good measure to lessons learned from a very deep past relationship that I will carry with me forever with fondness and a connection that I guess was only meant to be one of artistic and vocational life path inspiration, by their choice. I have now a landscape.  

The landscape in terms of my lifestyle is one that includes a great space, sleek somewhat modern great acoustics for recording, meditating, writing all that, as well as living naturopathic, homeopathic, organic as much as possible, of course sticking with gluten free as instructed, maybe even have one of those home exercise equipment pieces.  My Hadassah work, temple involvement, all of that continues full speed ahead woo hoo.  Then there is the career landscape and that focuses on songwriting, lyrics writing for hire, in collaboration with others, creating and recording also meditations, seminars, which I would off on my blog to inspire etc.. others, really push others outside the box, nudge us all outside our comfort zones, so we grow as persons etc…we live life fulfilling our truest self, dreams etc… not what others think those vocational dreams or marital dreams ought to be, but so that we can all truly find true love, truest self within boundaries of what God intended for us, and also our truest potential and path vocationally.   I might even do some direct career coaching and live seminars.  

What about the romantic , life long partner landscape? That part I keep thinking has to be someone with my exact worldview, but what does that mean?  Often two people can have the same desired end for humanity and society, not agree on how to get there, so their views are apparently world apart, but really not.  I am realizing I want a common sense true common sense capitalist, who can appreciate my spiritual journey into judaism, my Zionism, love of and advocacy for Israel, who can go to temple with me, but also if I decide I want to go to mass for any particular occasion or there is a family event, he can join me for Mass.  I would like someone who really truly loves me, all of me, accepts all of me, including my fibromyalgia, will navigate all that with me, support my path as an artist, even life coach, be part of it with me in some way all the way.  I want us to really be best friends, not just romantic life partners, but to be able to share so much.  I want to enjoy a naturopathic etc.. life together, work somehow through the arts to build bridges, but also be realistic about the threats society faces, not wear rose colored kumbaya all the time glasses, that won’t solve anything.  I want a man who can share intellectual events with me and I with him, as well as spiritual and cultural in both the Jewish/Zionist and Christian sphere.  I want us to be attentive, kind, and so much more to each other, really appreciate each other, cherish each other work as a team, acknowledge how we inspire each other and really appreciate that.  If we turn each other on even ten years later, all the better.  I have been in that kind of a connection where even 15 years later, the spark was flying, woo hoo.   I have a clear sense of what kind of person I want to share my life with and I definitely want someone who will go out of the box and will love me deeply, can be open of heart, spirit soul as I am, so we can be that with each other every day, the spark flying.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen