Reflection of a Quote

I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.


It’s easy to smile when life is good, when God had given you what you wanted, things gone your way  However, when you can smile in times of trouble, keep faith in those times, that shows great strength, doesn’t mean you pretend all is fine when it isn’t, that you ignore the problem.  You don’t get all angry, bitter, sick because there is a storm, because God’s answer is NO or Later, Much Later, or some such answer.  Storms should not weaken us spiritually, emotionally, rather they should make us strong, resilient, even when God’s answer is the opposite of what we want.  If we have strong Faith and Spiritual principles, strong Constitutional principles then we can navigate the NO, Later, Much Later, any answer life throws at us and still remain firm in faith, in a spiritual center, true to self as children of the Creator of all things.

As I put forth my music and other projects, seeing my following grow, but not yet any floodgate of prosperity from the music etc…, and the fibromyalgia is in overdrive, so I don’t exactly feel my best.  It may be that the music my first and true love is something that is not meant to be my career path, but just what I do for love of it, for fun, jor my own joy.  That’s fine if that is what the Lord deems best.  If my primary anointing is to do the blogging, coaching and all of that, I am on board with that.  I don’t have to have it my way, it’s okay because I may not know best, so all I can do is do the music for the heck of it, and keep doing the blogging, coaching and see where the end journey is meant to be.  I will keep my investment in the music as minimal as possible as I work to pay off debt and will continue to seek ways to inspire, empower and help people keep the faith, even in the tough times.  One of the things I have come to understand is it really is about the journey, what we learn, how we grow, and are we attuned to the heavens, to the Holy Spirit as we make the journey.  Will  we be wise or foolish, bang our heads against walls over and over, or learn early on and then find smoother sailing doing what we are anointed to do, what we are meant to do?  Will we lose are soul in the process of pursuit because we are constantly in rebellion with the Divine?  Sad to say but I did not learn early on and now find myself with regrets each and every day.  I don’t dwell on that, do my utmost not to.  I do my best to move forward, full steam ahead.  I hope I live this quote throughout my life and live it well.  If I can live this quote, be totally in tune with the Heavens, with They Will and all that, then hopefully I don’t keep crashing my boat into the rocks, but can actually sail to shore and a beautiful harbor filled with white sand and a beautiful sunshine.