Reflection On Abraham and Faith

This is the Gospel reading for today.  Of course there is the clear admonition, anger as regards the sins that have been committed and rightly so.  That is important, the knowledge of “missing the mark and what that mark is, but there is something else here that strikes me.  That is Abraham’s response, how he negotiates with God, as one would with a dear friend.  Yes, at first he is is hesitant and apologetic, but he does it. His heart aches at the thought of people he knows, that whole community, gone, gone because of their absorption with self pleasure at the cost of dignity, of everything.  

Abraham was not perfect by any means, but he had relationship with the Creator, he felt he could talk this through.  God listens, even if in the end the sins were just too great for God to ignore and not give a major wuppin.  It made me think of what has kept me from Church, really kept me from going to Services etc.. and it is something that is familiar perhaps, a notion about perfection before participating in Church life etc..  What I realize is that in and of myself, my own “works” etc.. there will never be perfection, so waiting to really engage in a spiritual life, Church life is frankly, dumb on my part.  God may answer all my prayers, He may not, or He may answer them in a way that I never expected.  In order for God to be in relationship with me, I need to be in one with Him and a strong faith community.  Part of what makes for a relationship with God is our relationship with other, with those of faith and accurate Biblical understanding.  I have to remember that, if I want God to be in relationship with me, I have to be so with him, and show gratitude for blessings given, big and small.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen