Reject To Justify

mourning us

I have been trying to figure out why someone I knew had become caught up in a world that was not his and was in a sense throwing Israel and his own world constantly under the bus, while defending Palestine and always posting about the arab and persian culture as if that was his world.  It really annoyed me.  I have always, though growing Catholic and though not a particularly religious person, more spiritual, been faithful to Israel, loved the faith of Jesus, which he grew up with.  I have gone to church and synagogue.  I attend both, am a member of Hadassah to advocate for Israel, and also of the Sons and Daughters of Italy to stand with my Italian Heritage.  I would never throw Israel or my heritage under the bus, stand with those seeking to destroy Israel or my heritage.  It truly boggled my mind why this person, why he would.  Then I read this article and I recalled a comment he had made online similar to the fact that no one knew what it was to be Jewish.  I understand how being he has been with a Persian partner and surrounded by that, he felt he could only be in that world by denying the existence of his own, the right of Zionism and Israel to exist, thrive etc…, which is sad, as he has denied the right of his own existence therefor, his own happiness and so much more.  I hope he realizes that Israel and Zionism are not the bad guys and being Jewish is not a bad thing, not at all, that he embraces Zionism with all his heart and soul some day soon.

Being Italian, even in this election I had Cruz use the reference of mafia, Cossa Nostra and the like, so as an Italian, I always have to contend with the smear of being connected to “the mob”, just by the fact that I am Italian.  The difference is even if I did have family that were a Godfather or not so perfect in that regards, had had mob association, and even though I grew up in a neighborhood where the mob looked out for us, I don’t have shame about it.  I don’t run from it and embrace something else because of it.  I don’t view it as something that should make me embrace something other than my roots.  I embrace the roots of Jesus which is Judaism, going to Shabbat service, being part of synagogue and also go to Mass at least once a week, Catholic Mass because it retained elements of Jewish OT tradition in it.  I hope when my mom, who is 92 passes, to make the cavatelli, and some of the stuff she made.   I hope I do because I would hate to deny the continuance of all that, of her, of the root of who I am, but I also hope I can become more involved in synagogue and continue the tradition of who Jesus was.  Both are in a sense the root of who I am, and Israel the root of Hashem and Jesus, so I hope I can always be an advocate for her.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen