Repairing DNA, Repairing Soul


One of the lessons of Kabbalah and Metaphysics, even science is that the DNA stores a lot of information, in essence it is our library, the library of our life story as are our cells. What does that matter?  It matters.  

Even when we think we have forgotten, let go, we may not have.  We may have let go of the incident, but the hurt all of that may still be stored, what that represented, connected to our childhood, our teen years, some key events then or even in our young adult life may still be embedded in our DNA, our cells, our molecules and require releasing.  This is one meditation I like to listen to to help with that release.  Sometimes also if suddenly we hear a song, see a scene on TV and fell the need to cry, it’s good to just cry to let that out, release it.  It’s okay.  As long as we don’t hold on to stuff forever and realize that it is not who we are.  The pain, the rejection of others towards us is not who we are, neither is a divorce or a broken relationship, none of that is who we are.  The amazing person we were meant to be by our talents, gifts, the beauty of what is in the heart, spirit and soul, that is who we are.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen