Resilience is not Numbness

Resilience can seem to become numbness, but it isn’t.  We can become tired in dealing with one tidal wave after another hitting us, hitting our lives.  Yet, we still care, want to learn and grow.  Life seems to throw me one curveball after another and part of it is due to earlier choices, lack of a community of faith where I felt I belonged and could be guided.  Yet, I have made the journey to seek that and continue to do so.  I continue to think of artistic projects to work on once my hand is fully healed and my arm also.  Though I have moments where I feel tired, want to cry with the pain, I continue to move forward to seek self-improvement.  No matter what life throws at me I will keep going.  I hope that no matter what life throws at you, you will keep going, navigating that ship even in storms, through the storms.  If we navigate the storms, learn from them, then we will be resilient.