Respect, Esteem Not Automatic

The Journey That is Life.

Life is a process, relationships, all a process, a journey with goals and lessons, maturity levels gained along the way, thick skin too hopefully.  You wouldn’t know it would ya, not these days.

Now, life is all about give me, give me now, make me happy now, make me feel good now, give me respect just because, give me love in whatever way love means to me and now.  It’s about instant self esteem, instant this, instant everything, instant respect, but there’s a problem with that, doesn’t and must never work that way.  I don’t care if you are the friggin Pope, or the CEO, the office and the authority it carries, the authority those positions of authority carry yes, even the fact that each of us is a creation of the most high merits basic human decency.  However, blind adulation, blind anything, automatic self esteem to the hilt, everyone rewarded as special is narcissistic and this is why we have youth “traumatized” by a simple election result, the Bill of Rights, the Flag, the Anthem, the Constitution, a low grade so deserved because of their lazy ass, a smack right across the check for being disrespectful toads to mom and dad, or consequences for crashing the car etc…, not talking out of control discipline, but boundaries created and enforced.  I am talking healthy competition, show us what you got heart, spirit and soul, not mean spirited, challenge yourself, think critically, deduction, induction, all that.  If you do something you were supposed to do in the first place because it was the right thing, no fanfare, good for you, but no big ticker tate, it was the right thing to do, good for you and if you violate rules and laws, your tukkus gets kicked with Agape love, but it gets kicked and mom, dad, you don’t make excuses for your kid, bail them out or cover for them, let them take it, stand tall and accept it.  Self esteem is a slippery slope.  Should you respect yourself enough not to be treated like a doormat and such? Sure, or treat your body with disrespect? Yeah.  Self respect and recognition of your gifts for vocation, nurturing them and today’s narcissistic, OY self esteem thing are two different animals.  We need health competition and no one child is more special than the other or less special, but each has different talents, excels at different things, levels and the only way to figure that out is through competition and the only way for them to develop a thick skin and coping mechanisms for life, is through healthy competition at school and then at work. Overall self respect, liking who God made you to be, identifying your talents, abilities, vocational path and all that stuff, yeah.  The self esteem craze and the notion that life, anyone owes you anything including respect and adulation just because you exist, or you are you, no.  You want respect show your grit, show what you are made of heart, spirit and soul, in agape love, as necessary tough love if you’re a parent, when necessary.  Be a productive member of society, be a person of faith okay, also of inductive and deductive reasoning, of humility, all these things, pass that on to your children, grandchildren.  Make sure they understand there are no entitlements in life, not really.