Responsiveness Big Key


In life we connect to certain people and when that connection is strong, inspiring etc… we reach out, seek to expand the connection, have it grow in friendship, and if there is common ground whether culturally or even career wise even more so, because we have common ground.  

I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve and am pretty open, so when I make a connection and there is common ground, even just friendship basis that I think would be great, I reach out. I will extend my friendship wholeheartedly, even offer collaboration, just reach out and will do so several times, be supportive of your journey, gifts, offer a shoulder if you need it. Recently I realized that unless there is initial and immediate, fairly immediate responsiveness on some level to engage with me in friendship, socially etc…, then I really am wasting my time, energy etc… reaching out in any way.  I realized one of the keys to any relationship building is responsiveness, along with communication, but communication can only come from responsiveness.  If I am reaching out over and over again and you don’t respond in a concrete active and proactive manner to become a part of my day to day life then what is the point of my reaching out?  There really is none, except to maybe feel your ego and what exactly is the point of that?  Relationships really are a two way street and if I am the only one driving, then it gets pretty tiring, so at some point I will have to stop the car, get out and leave you at the side of the road.  I am realizing that these past few weeks that responsiveness is a key to determining which connections to seek to nurture and which not to even continue to bother with.  Some connections that were immediately upon meeting strong, had such great potential for friendship, and creative collaboration have to be left by the side of the road because there has been no concrete effort or responsiveness on their part, while other connections there has been responsiveness and so those are the ones I plan on focusing my time and effort on, as they merit that energy, time effort.   A lot of life and living is about discernment and discerning connections, what to nurture and what to just say “gave it a shot, bye bye”.  It is their loss of a friendship, but again, whether it is a friendship, professional relationship etc.. it has to be an active and proactive two way street and if after trying several times in sincerity there is no real effort etc.. on the other person’s end, well really is time to stop trying to drive the care, and just walk away, don’t keep trying to reach out, not worth the energy.