Resurrection and Resilience

Christians celebrated Easter, Jewish people are celebrating Passover, both have to do with death and a resurrection, a being saved from death in some way.  This week, I want to talk about how we can be living but dead, resilience and resurrection.  I wanted lo start with the definition of resurrection and resilience.

Resurrection is the state of one risen from the dead and resilience  is an ability to recover from or adjust easily to trauma, misfortune or change.  Resurrection in an emotional sense, a spiritual and creative sense, even healing physically sense are possible, but for that, to even make that journey you need to have a  certain resilience.  You have to have a sort of a warrior spirit, not warrior in the sense of you wage war with everyone, no.  You have to have an inner warrior that says I won’t lay down and die, I won’t wallow in pity or any of these negative emotions or stay stuck in these negative or toxic circumstances.  I won’t do it, I won’t go into that quicksand.  If one doesn’t make that determination heart, spirit and soul several times a day, every day when a storm hits and even every morning and every evening that one won’t be overcome by life, or circumstances, but thrive in it, then resurrection on any level is not possible.  I have the desire to be of service, so volunteer coaching through a particular organization, but my medical prodedures, medical appointments, keep messing with that and one or two other things I would like to do, but in my resilience I decided to sign up with a mentoring organizing and find a mentor, so I am reaching out to potential mentors and hopefully a good mentor can help me figure out how to work around this kunundrum.  I refuse to let Fibromyalgia and any health issues that keep cropping up mess with my plan for a great life!  I will be also looking at resurrection in terms of how can we look at Christ metaphorically and his resurrection in terms of our lives and society in general.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, let’s reflect on this poem, this piece and hopefully gain strength and wisdom from these words.