Resurrection and Shedding

light of Christ in the darkness with lightning
Can’t Knock This Gal Out, No Way!!

Resurrection, today we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord, and hopefully our own as well to a new life.  What does that mean and require?

Ahhh, well can require something simple such as just a change in some attitude, a few habit changes, or a lot more profound like purging of past pain etc.. so you stop running from yourself, from the past, and face up to it head on, feel all the weight of that pain.  It can mean slimming down your address book so you have fewer people in your life and fewer but very meaningful and not so toxic relationships in your life.   It can mean you stop chasing your tail and finally realize what you truly love and are going to put all your energy into that and anything else bye bye, hand it over to someone else or let it go.  It might mean you refuse to be a victim of anything and take control of your life in a constructive way, it can mean any number of things, so long as it is constructive, decluttering in nature, realization of your potential, your facing up to what you have to face up to, are not chasing your tail, busy in life for the sake of busy and running away.  Sometimes resurrection needs help, good people that can help you see you are chasing your tail etc… and that your focus should be on Christ and what you truly are meant to be doing, focusing on.  Sometimes it takes someone to kick your tukkus to get you to stop listen to the Holy Spirit and follow the Holy Spirit and only the Holy Spirit, that voice as to what you are meant to do, create, build so on and so forth.  If others want to chase their tail, do a million and one things, not center themselves on any one endeavor to give it everything, center things in Christ, in the faith etc…, fine, but doesn’t mean you don’t focus on that one glorious thing God wants you to do, create and find the platform to do it. Resurrect what is given to you in the spirit via a different platform.  This is a time to be reborn, to spring forth dreams, so do so, change how you approach things, do things, get focused, stop chasing your tail, focus on Christ on your faith, live all things in and through your faith, follow your true path, true vocation, true love, embrace what has been put into your heart to build and do it.  If that means you have to do it through a different platform, you do it.  The Internet alone offers an array of possibilities. Time for resurrection people, no more chasing tails, no more lack of focus, no more scattered energy, doing a million and one things, dividing the pie into a million and one pieces, or running from life, self, past, pain, truth etc.., time to transform, resurrect and shine.  I don’t know about you, but I plan to fulfill what the Holy Spirit has given me to fulfill and I plan to shine, shine bright for him, for the Trinity and the Faith, for my heritage.  I plan to have a great resurrection, with laser focus and precision.