Revolution and Faith in Our History

Highest Glory

Many of the founders were not fans of organized religion and we see that trend today or would fall more under an evangelical umbrella such as Pastor Jeffers, Leon Fontaine and such. They strongly believed holistically in biblical principles applied to life and governance as much as possible.  How did this cause a revolution?  Timeline let’s get a sense of how:

The 1740/50’s you have Great Awakening inspired by George Whitefield’s preaching spreads through colonies, books such as The Visible Union of God’s People among others, and this sets the stage. 

The 1770’s-1780’s you have the Boston Committee of Correspondence to indict British Rule, Continental Congress, prayer and fasting to pray about what to do next, how to proceed, Declaration of Independence and everything leading up to the USA being a nation.

Clear spiritual concepts, precepts, along with solid Philosophy and such matter, matter to nations, governance of nations, they also matter to our own lives, governance of our own lives.  These concepts, precepts of the difference between the sacred, and profane, liberty and enslavement etc.. all have spiritual and philosophical origins.  These origins are what spark people to say NO MORE tyranny of a minority or a majority imposing on a nation, or on a single life.  At the same time when properly heeded and understood, discerned they also help us to understand and control life led purely by raw need and emotion, without regards for consequences, without regards to anything but the raw emotion, raw need.  Founders understood that without that constraint of clear unified spiritual and philosophical principles guiding one and all in some way in the form of the Constitutional Republic, the nation would go down the tubes financially, morally, ethically. in every way, and we are seeing it.  The same goes for our lives, having that set compass of values, morals etc..striving to live by them benefits not only us and our children, but society as a whole.  I hope it is a lesson we all learn and quickly for the sake of a nation, perhaps many nations.