Righteous Love, Compassion

In this season of Passover etc… I have been having a debate on social media regarding the situation in the Middle East and the so-called Palestinians.  Before anyone gets into a huff, Arabs themselves have admitted historically no such nation or people exist, it was all fabricated for destructive purposes, destructive to those they hate.  BDS and other groups, individuals will say they are fighting for the “Palestinians”, and their way of doing so is to point the finger at Israel, make them the Devil Incarnate.  Is that really love and compassion? 

What we don’t realize is that misplaced compassion and making one person the villain can actually harm those we might claim to care about and want to help. We might actually be looking at the wrong villain, by doing so cause harm to those who are oppressed. The reason is one is not seeing the actual oppressors.  When you have Hamas and other groups recruiting young people to die and making it lucrative for the family and Wahabbi Islam twisting things to people commit suicide in the name of God, that is the true oppression.  When we look at compassion, what does that mean?  For me, in the case of the Middle East, it means that the West needs to hit at the ideology, at the hatred, at the ideology and groups perpetuating that, shift that, help the people see that the genocide, etc.. is actually perpetrated by their own leaders.  They need to realize that as a collective the Wahabbi extremism and jihad, literal jihad, the mentality is actually contrary to the Koran.  Suicide and such, as with Christian sacred scripture, so if we do nothing but point the finger at Israel, and if we don’t stand with them to give them the courage in mass, across the world to say no to Jihad, no to Wahabbi radical Islam, etc.. and so truly caring about and having compassion means we insure a strong Israel, and a Middle East freed from within of Wahabbi Jihad Mindset, and all groups that hold that mindset, that globally Islam be a faith that says yes to Israel, yes to their people all prospering under the Israeli flag, be they Jewish, Arab, Christian.  When Hamas and other groups actually pay young people to die, to commit suicide and damn their souls to hell, that is genocide right there.  It’s also important to help by aiding the union in business and education of the various faith groups, not to convert anyone, leave that up to God.  As much as I love my Christian faith, going around converting, oy, not a fan.  Praying for all to come to Christ, doing so every day, all for it.  However, for a peace that is a bridge until Christ returns, we have to love and care enough about the Arabs of the world to stand by them and give them the strength, prayers, courage to crush within Islam that extreme Wahabi mindset.  Blaming Israel for all ills and supporting BDS for example actually harms the Arabs of Israel, and in general.  When you think of caring and compassion, please think it through because misplaced compassion is actually harming those that many claim they want to help.  Whether in politics, or any area of life, be careful how you apply your compassion etc…otherwise you may harm the very ones you seek to help. 

Shalom and Amen