Round and Round We Go


Round and Round We Go

Round and Round we go, Round and Round we go.

We spin like a dreidel, like a spinning tornado, where we will land you don’t seem to know.,

So the years go by and we just keep spinning, loving and spinning, waiting, you indecisive,

And frankly darling the bread is getting too stale to stomach,

It serves no one and brings no joy, only pain to us both,

Yet Round and Round we go, Round and Round we go.

Round and Round we go, Round and Round we go.

I don’t want to be on this merry go round anymore, and so I am getting off,

Too many dizzy spells and headaches too count all those years.

If you want to stay in your indecision and misery,

That’s your call and fine with me, but don’t expect me to keep you company along the way.

I am sick and tired of the merry go round and sick and tired of

Round and Round we go, Round and Round we go.

There are times when, especially as artists and intuitive people,and if very spiritual, we love so deeply, feel so deeply, that we stay in situations that are not very happy ones for us and not for our sacred greater good because we love and in that deep love also sense that other person’s need for spiritual help for healing. 

We therefor end up staying in relationships that are not ones of sacred union and total commitment as they should be for our greater good, and it does hurt us.  We should be in exclusive sacred unions of profound love, sacred passion, tenderness, kindness, shared intellectual stimulation and spiritual exploration, ones that bring daily joy, lift us up, comfort us, and also help us to open up more heart, spirit and soul, challenge us to grow in all those areas, make us feel alive in ever respect and connect us more to sacred spirituality each day.

That’s what a relationship should be, the ones we should all be in forever, seek out, and connect to.  I know that’s the kind I should have sought out long ago and intend to seek out now.

Shalom and Amen