Sad, Never Got Off the Ground


When you reach out in friendship, in any way to another, when you connect as an empath, intuitive with someone on any level, when you see potential for a connection to grow etc…it’s like being a pilot of a new plane, waiting for your co-pilot to come on board.  When you see that they are able to engage without any problem with other connections perhaps made, but you are given the cold shoulder in a sense, the noncuranza as the Italians say, it can be quite sad.  

Your plane is on the runway and if you have been inspired to your authentic path and are ready to go on that path full speed ahead, you have to decide if you simply take off and pretend they no longer exist, you never made that connection, take off and forget about all the great potential stuff that you could have done as a team, if a solid friendship had been built, had they truly reached back, made the effort, every effort, not wanted to stay in a box and be big kahuna as they think they are staying in their box?  If you have made every possible effort, reached out to want to be there for them, even work with them as a team to come out of any box they were in, but all you keep getting is the cold shoulder, non-responsiveness, and that noncuranza, then yeah, you basically need to take flight full throttle, forget they exist and know that there is someone else that can come on board and be a great co-pilot with you on the amazing journey you are making, and will be making.  It is sad to see that the person gives you the cold shoulder etc.., has no interest in building any kind of friendship etc… with you, but life goes on.  If they choose to be a kind of jerk or whatever, and do not want to be a part of your life, as a friend, colleague, friend and colleague, whatever, it is their loss, not yours.  Always be strong enough to move forward, and move on.  Whether it is in this situation, or a situation, relationship that truly no longer works on most levels or any level, and may even be toxic, holding you back from realizing your full potential, dreams, even bringing levels of stress that are toxic and harmful to you.  Be strong enough always to say “screw it, and you” and walk away when you see patterns, and the plane is stuck on the tarmac because the other person has no interest or courage to come on board as a co-pilot in friendship or any form. Move forward, and move on, even if it is a bit sad to do so.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen