Salvation From….

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


When it comes to Jesus, you have three different views on who he was, and this has brought the greatest division among the three children of Abraham, a sibling rivalry of sorts and then within, you have the further sibling rivalries for different reasons.  Then you have the secular and religious, spiritual rivalries on who is more intelligent based on belief in science or spirituality, or combination of both. What do I make of all this?  

Let me begin with saying I do believe in Yeshua as a real person in history and the Bible to be true on different levels, inspired as well.  My thinking about things tends more along the lines of Judaism on certain things, though my family is devoutly Catholic.  I have always felt myself more akin with Judaism, the faith of Yeshua his whole life, the faith of the Covenant of Abraham.  I do believe he was real, see no reason to doubt it, nor to ever turn my back on Israel, just the opposite.  What about Yeshua, when we talk of salvation, what exactly was there a need of salvation from?  What was the role and purpose of Yeshua in that context?  That has been a journey for me, understanding that, working towards understanding that.  Before we get to the salvation part, we should understand what sin is and in a nutshell, it is acting in ways that lack integrity, natural and social order, or violate those to the harm of self and others.  When that integrity is breached, we have missed the mark, and have, just like given in metaphor, allegory, with a context of scientific knowledge, a single ancestral line of origin, of the story of Genesis, unplugged from the sacred and the divine nature of things, of us, and our union with the Creator,  and the angelic realm, energies.  We have connected to the energies of dark instead of light, those in opposition to the sacred, the natural order etc.., for self, society.  Paul tells us we wrestle not with things of the flesh and he is right.  We wrestle with ego, with energies and vibrations of either the divine and sacred or the opposite to that, this includes law, a bunch of rules over relationship with the Creator and his realm.  What does this have to do with Yeshua? Everything.  

When he said that no one made him do what he would be doing, giving up his life, he then tells us that there is no greater gift than to give your life for another.  He also had a deep profound relationship with the Creator, that entire realm, that divine energy and that was the focus, not a whole bunch of laws and rules that hardened the heart, though he did not condone lack of integrity etc.., as he was clear about “sin no more”.    However he understood that salvation had to come from this notion that following a whole bunch of rituals would actually be what set you free or saved you in any way shape or form.  He understood that salvation could only come when a deep relationship was developed with the Creator, being in tune with creation in way that was empathetic, but also when required, serious tough love dished out.  The salvation has not been understood by many and so there is this division about who Yeshua was and yet I believe everyone is missing the point of what the heck the Messiah was meant to do, which was to be an example like no other of salvation through a deep, profound relationship with the Creator, and how that sincere, deep relationship would guide you away from sin, and you would appreciate that you are limited in your humanity, human form and require that divine connection to stay in the light and out of the dark.  I do believe that we are meant to be happy, fulfilled, etc.. and also be with our truest love in life who is our true soulmate, and understanding who that is, takes discernment, real relationship with the divine, not religion, but spirituality and a relationship with the Creator and his realm. Yeshua came to save us from our ego, and this notion that a bunch of rules and laws is what will save you, me or anyone.  It has been quite a journey to get here, to understand this, but worth it.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen