Seeing the Warrior

We all have inner battles and stuff we carry wit us that is not sweet and sugar, can be quite a thorn.  If I am going to unite in sacred companionship, union then I have to know what my inner struggles are, my “demons” are as they say.  I have to also know that the other person also has stuff they struggle with, and we have to be able to be each other’s support system as we work to overcome those “demons”, in my case Fibromyalgia and distrust, waiting to be abandoned, let down.  I had a dream about someone I knew for a long time, had a strong connection with coming to me and our starting on a clean slate.  I thought how that was a beautiful thing, but I still have to be open about my “demons”.  When you have a team in a relationship, they may argue and have ups and downs, but they work through that as a team, and I guess that is what I want to be, part of a great team effort long term in a relationship.  I hope I am able to be a magnet for this.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen