Seeing Through the Fog of Pain

Another Poem Despite the Pain

A few years ago vertigo caused me to literally fall out of my bed when I reached for something on my dresser and I damaged a disc and hit my head, luckily no concussion, but still did some damage.  I have to periodically get homeopathic shots, or I end up with neck pain and headaches each day.  The pain is back, so back to the five weeks of shots, homeopathic shots.

Despite the pain, constant dull with moments of sharp, can’t breathe, I managed to write another poem.  I am already starting on compilation of poems for volume two of Mosaic, which will also be about faith, life, and love.  This poem today was about love, trusting intuition, and have recently even written one about the breeze. There is so much that can inspire us in this world, so much and I hope to keep being inspired each and every day, in spite of the pain.