Self First?

The Journey That is Life.

Is it selfish to put self first, to have the philosophy of care for self and nourish your dreams fearlessly first, then all else, to be sure you are in tip top shape, living in joyful bliss first, and above all?  Good question and I think one that as anyone who has intuitive instincts on 24/7, is inclined to the healing, coaching etc… vocations, is a parent, sons, daughters with parents who rely on us somehow, CEO who has people depending on them, even as leaders of a nation, it’s a question that warrants consideration.  

There’s the “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” school of thought that says if I take excellent care of myself, my hopes and dreams etc… be an example to all of you, if my nation is strong, sovereign in excellent financial shape etc.., if as an artist I am not just doing what I have to do earn a living, but really going outside the box to put my stuff out there and thrive, then I am contributing greatly to the world, to society, to those around me.  If I am in a state of wellness due to joy, a joyous life, a life fulfilled every which way, spiritually, emotionally, physically, vocationally etc… then I can be the best possible me there is for you.  I need to be okay, or even better than okay, to be rocking it baby.  There is something to that.  If we are trying to be everything to everyone all the time, to please everyone all the time, live up to expectations of others,  all the time etc.. and are not truly able to authentically evaluate who we are, what our truth is, what our true happy joyful deep in our heart of hearts path is, then we are of no good to anyone, much less ourselves, or society in general, we are just spinning wheels, just spinning our wheels.  That is not to say we don’t meet certain responsibilities as a parent etc.., we most certainly do, but we find a way to do all of that, and still create the life we wish to create for ourselves.  Often that is a process and I will talking about the process in the next blog, and it is like a rose with thorns, and a seeming apocalypse sometimes.  However, caring about one’s self enough to create a truly happy, joyous etc… life is a good thing, when done with wisdom and consideration of those around you.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen