Sharing Too Daring?

The Journey That is Life.


We hear the expression about people wearing their heart on their sleeve, people who share what they feel, don’t hold back.  Then there are those who are tight as a clam and you wonder why, what is going on.  One wonders when is sharing too much sharing and should you share?  How can you share and not be devastated in the end?  

I have made this journey, also just observed tried to be aware of stuff and it has been a great journey, one of learning, a huge learning curve.  We can share what is in our heart, but where it gets wonky is in these instances.   If you are sharing to manipulate someone into being with you or staying with you, not because you genuinely care about them and want to let them know you care, sense they are lost as to how to approach a situation, you even, and truly want to help them break the ice, but are trying to manipulate in any way, even sexually, then sharing is not genuine sharing.  If you are sharing and reaching out with the notion of things have to have a very specific outcome, well you may face heartache because things are not necessarily going to play out as you wish.  People are free will agents and they may or my not feel as you do towards them, or they may have stuff going on internally, externally they have to work out, and it may be the wrong time for them to be part of your life.  When you share what you share about your feelings, it might be best not to have a specific outcome in mind.  Same goes with sharing plans and dreams.  We all would like everyone to be on board and it hurts when they are not, but if we can accept that perhaps not everyone will be on board, then we can just announce what we plan and whoever is on board great and who isn’t well, isn’t.  We will still move ahead with our plans for our lives, so we can live truly fulfilling, happy lives, lives with true love, abundance etc…, our most cherished dreams come to reality, and hopefully with little to no pain to anyone.  Sometimes there will be some pain, but it’s part of the journey, but pain heals, sadness heals.  Again, it is how things are dealt with, processed that counts, and that we try to move forward with expressing what we express without too much of a specific outcome in mind.  If we can do that, if all of humanity could do that, life would be I think better.  Share, wear your heart on your sleeve, cry, laugh, live, just don’t put yourself and others into tiny boxes.  Also, really get into some contemplative practice, nothing deep necessary, so you can really get out of your head and into your heart, as the heart it is being learned really does inform the mind, and so does the gut, so we really need to learn to listen and develop good rhythm and rhyme in terms of sharing. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen