Sign of Maturity

I’ve never been a person who has vented a lot per se, except on Twitter, where I shared my views very passionately on political and social issues. and when I was in a particular and toxic relationship.  I’ve realized an important lesson in terms of maturity about venting and particularly about my personal life and stuff, it doesn’t do any good to just vent and vent and vent. I realized I needed to do a bit of detaching from situations, not be a robot, but do some detaching, so that I could pray, meditate and such.   Then one also has to be careful not to get into the trap of just praying and meditating and nothing else.  Prayer and meditation is simply a tool to help you clear yourself of toxic and detrimental thoughts, so you can receive from the heavens divine, sacred, holy and true guidance as to what to do next, what right steps to take in your journey.  Just sitting around and praying, meditating then ignoring what strong, wise, in line with scriptural truth comes out of that is not going to do any good.  When for example I was meditating on the coaching and how to work all of this around the fibromyalgia, the blog, then the membership came through during meditation and also to submit a PASS plan to social security for self-sufficiency within the next five years. 

If I get all this instinct from divine revelation, but take no action, doesn’t do me any good, and venting, complaining about my financials or life not being what I wish it were is immature.  If I am not seeking divine guidance as to where I am meant to be going and then going that direction, taking actions as given to me in prayer and meditation aligning with scripture truth of the faith dear to my heart, good of all, self included, harm of none, then I am not following a very mature path.  Venting and doing nothing to change things, praying, meditating alone, doing nothing both ineffective and not very mature approaches.  Life has many lessons, this is one of them.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

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