Simplifying and Shifting Life


What’s your vision” Do you have a general vision at least for your life, for example looking at the wheel of life I have posted previously?  Do you know exactly where you are in life and do you have a general sense of where you are going with life?  I didn’t pay attention to this myself and have lived my life on just a wing and a prayer, winging it, and what that did was have me go in circles and then get down on myself, so having a vision even if it’s a general one to start can save some heartache and some headaches.  Why does vision matter?  The other thing is the home.  I have to do better myself in this area, but when we see clutter, chaos in the home, that is what our mind registers, so what is the state of your home? Is there clutter everywhere, stuff you never even use everywhere/  If that is the case then you are registering clutter and chaos and that means life will be clutter and chaos.  It’s important to declutter your home and thus your life.  Some sentimental keepsakes, yeah, nice to have, but part of moving forward is letting go of the past.  What benefits could decluttering have? Glad you asked.  

Think about your vision and next blog I will talk about ways to de-clutter, give tips.  Namaste, Shalom and Amen