Simplifying Life Con’t

When you hear about trying to get the medical field to focus more on prevention and maintenance, that’s very smart.  Once you have been given the regimen to stay well, unless you maintain it, you are right back to square one.  Same with relationships, if you are seeing a counselor and are given steps to take, consistent ones, to keep the healing going and to complete it, well it won’t work unless you follow through and sustain the advice given.  Decluttering home, office, life follows that same logic.  If we don’t maintain the declutter, well right back to confused and chaotic.  Use the library instead of buying books, or go to a bookstore and cafe once or twice a week, where you can sit, eat and read books etc.. there, take notes on your computer of what you read, main points to then review, things like that.  Chore, many people are juggling a lot, so let’s face it chores and all that, not fun, time consuming etc.., so how do you simplify?  People talk about the planet, environment etc.., so let’s all simplify life.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen