Sins of Fear and Worry

mourning us

We all know about the major “sins”, but the truest sins are those denoting lack of faith in a positive outcome, or the outcome that is meant to be best for all and that is a truly grave sin.  

Often one does not move on a dream in a particular area of life, in a relationship etc.. due to fear or worry.  Worse they may make a decision to stay in something due to fear or worry as the only and main driver of a decision.  As one who has had to deal with Fibromyalgia, skin cancer, endometriosis that literally had wrapped itself around my liver as was close to potentially killing me, dealing with debt, a whole bunch of crap, fear and worry can easily overtake you, if you let them.  Fear and worry can become prisons if you have religion for example, but not true deep spirituality and connection to the spiritual realm, or see God only as a taskmaster of rules and regulations.   If one is lucky and one gets wise, one realizes that fear and worry are grave sins as well as very detrimental to life, and to one’s self.  When you are under their spell etc…, you can’t move forward, can’t reach out to others, can’t connect even to God, and those feelings can then turn into anger, and a whole lot of negatives.  In true maturity, spiritual maturity, a spiritual life, a true grown up life, ongoing fear and worry have no place.  That is not to say that Satan won’t bring them in and try to throw one off course, keep one from moving forward, finding solutions, speaking up etc.., of course he will, as he is the adversary.   If he can keep one in misery, miserable situations etc… through fear, worry, or even paralyze you from moving forward in a relationship, one’s career to move to the next level, using these tools, you can bet he will try.  

I have a rule, fear and worry are not allowed to live in my space, so even if they come in, they are not allowed to stay, I will not accept them, won’t allow them to live in my space.  I still have to acknowledge if there is something to deal with, and deal with it, and I am still going to be my sweet, but also sassy self, suck it up world.  However, whatever has to be dealt with, addressed etc.. I will not do so under the prison, shackles etc.. of fear or worry.  Under those lenses, I can not, no one can make decisions truly from the heart, the spirit, authentic of self, to self, to the heart, from the heart, from the truly intuitive, gut down deep intuitive that comes from divine knowledge and inspiration when you are connected to the spiritual and not to fear, or worry that is ongoing and overtaking everything.  I live my life with a conscious effort never to allow fear or worry to be my guides, or my daily bread.  If others choose to do so, that is their choice and it is a choice they are making sadly for them, and if that means they lose out in the friendship, career etc. realms, well I really have little sympathy because it is a choice.  I have empathy, will pray that changes for them, but I have little sympathy .  

If you are going to choose in life, choose faith, moving forward boldly courageously, and without fear, without worry and trust in the best possible outcome that is meant to be.  Namaste, Shalom and Amen