Situations and Choices, That is the Thing

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When anyone says sin, often people get very defensive, but if you look at Genesis and Eden, what happened, it comes down to free will, choices and consequence of said choices. In the last post I said patterns mattered and they do, but something else also matters, situations, circumstance.  When we decide where to hang out, who to hang out with, what situations we will place ourselves in that is also a choice sometimes directly, other times as a result of choices made, not so wise financial or personal choices.  Prayer and meditation should also be to have divine guidance as to what situations we might steer clear of, what influences we might need to release from our lives, always, always constructively.   Robert E. Lee for example likes whiskey a lot, but he knew he did not do well in controlling his drink and could become less an pleasant, so he avoided drinking, he stayed clear of it, of circumstances where he would be tempted by the drink.  He was proactive in steering clear of “missing the mark”, chose wisdom.  May we be led always to choose wisdom, not place ourselves in situations where we might lose our integrity moral or otherwise. 

Shalom and Amen