Sleep Apnea Test, Sono and Mammo Oye!

Winter Glaciers

As I think of these two tests coming up, the sleep apnea test and the breast mammogram and sonogram, they have to do both as I have cystic tendencies, and so they need both for a proper assessment, I have to admit, there’s a bit of chill in the air.  But I have faith, so there shouldn’t be a chill in the air should there? 

Some might say that this indicates a lack of faith on my part, that I should have absolutely no doubts, no concerns or anxieties etc…  To that I say “poppycock!!” They seem to not have read their Bible because even Jesus had anxiety and prayed constantly, asked that this bitter cup be taken away from him when he was shown in full color what awaited him.  Peter, fearless to plunge and walk on water over to Jesus suddenly went into panic mode and almost drowned.  I had a lump removed from my right breast, have had skin cancer three times.  I have sleep issues due to the fibromyalgia, one of several issue courtesy of the fibromyalgia.  Has God, has my faith and the entirety of the heavenly bodies been of great sustenance along with my friends, music and other great outlets, constructive ones? Absolutely.  However, it would mean I have no heart, no soul, not feeling if I did not have anxiety on any level.  However, what matters is how I handle it, that I don’t dwell on it, focus on it, allow it to become the focus of my day, or occupy too much space or any significant amount of space in my mind.  That’s what matters.  I will probably we doing sleep studies periodically and I have to have a mammogram and sonogram every year, every year they find something, so far except for that one time when they found a lump that had to be removed, all they have found are cysts that were of not grave concern.  Can anxiety and concern be totally eradicated? No, but it does not need to overwhelm, take over etc…

AmenWinter Glaciers