Slight Incline Then Retreat


In life we have opportunities to fully jump in the water, to fully engage, to use an event, some occasion to fully reach out, fully engage with another etc.., fully realize our potential even, or to start that journey. 

However, if we allow our past pain, fears etc… to grab hold we won’t.  We might make a timid step, but then when there is a full response or attempt to fully engage us, retreat because we lack the courage to fully engage with the other, even in friendship.  Thing is, if we are like this in relationship with individuals, then likely we are like this in regards to other areas of our lives.  Likely, we won’t pursue our dreams in full because of complexes and fear, insecurities, which is sad for us and for those who would miss out on a great relationship with us.  We like our lives constantly doing the hokey pokey, take one step forward and two steps back.  Thing is I am seeing this with people in my own sphere, and it really is not even frustrating at this point, just sad.  I also realize, nothing I can do.  I have really reached the limit pretty much of patience with this hokey pokey dance.  I came across this snippet of a poem and it defined it well:

She reached out to the sky,
hoping to catch a star,
only to realize
that they were all too far.

When someone is too closed off, too insecure, too caught up in their pain, their stuff, they are like a far away star and so you reach out, even if it’s in friendship and it is like reaching out for an elusive far away star.  Even if they do make a gesture, small one, it’s just a gesture, not real connecting, no hear to heart, spirit to spirit, soul to soul, no reaching out in real time, in real presence, so they are a far away star.  Likely so are their many dreams and true ambitions because they do not have the ability to open up totally and come out of themselves, their cocoon to break free of chains, shackles, prisons in full.  That is sad, for them and those that they could have connected to and had great relationships with.  All one can do is wish them well, keep them in one’s meditative prayers and make one’s own journey to fly. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen