Smart $ Habits, More to Ponder

Let’s say that like me, you got into debt and were in a bit of a panic, well staying in a bit of a panic and winging it is not the smartest way to go, so what do you do?  Become a lady or a gent with a plan.  In my case I contacted a debt management and consolidation for hardship cases group and they minimized the debt to  very reasonable level, took care of payments monthly through automatic debit, and within 15 months I think it was I was debt free.  One thing that is not a plan is burying your head in the sand and pretending it’s all going to solve itself by wishing it away, praying it away.  Not that I didn’t pay, but the prayer was for discernment on what to do.  Once you are out of debt, then what?  Do you just keep doing what you’re doing, stuff that screwed you over in the first place, well you could if you wanted an idiot of century award.  If you don’t, well you create a long term plan to stay out of debt, a budget. Part of the long term planning includes retirement, yes those golden years, something I wish I had paid attention to, but didn’t and could kick myself for now.  Again, a wing and a prayers sounds romantic and looks great on TV, sounds awesome in a song or a poem, but in real life, in terms of those golden years, financially, it’s the dumbest idea ever.  Life, even the basics, decent food, clothing, warm clothing, cool summer clothing, hygiene stuff, basics, costs mula, dinero, cash, money, sop part of financial wisdom is being grown up enough hopefully sooner, not later, to realize this and act on it.   A good account and financial advisor, for me that’s my bank investment guy, are crucial, so do your do diligence in looking for an accountant and a good financial advisor, and unless your friend Skippy is a gold star certified very experienced, with a great track record financial advisor and investor he aint it.  Financial wisdom is part of maturity and I hope that you don’t make the mistakes I made and you take this advice to heart and implement it, so you will have wings to fly and live well.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen