So Much For Ease of Technology


I decided I needed to reorder my pages on my blog here and went about trying to do so, well can we say confufuffel, if we can even say that or spell it?  Oy!  

Technology was supposed to make things stress free, easier yeah, so what happened, though I decided to just check the menus and just set up three simple pages with the blog posts and rather than get all nuts and try to smack my computer silly I took it as an exercise in patience, not a strong point of mine.    However, it does tell me I am not reacting to things in the way I used to, and I am able to take things somewhat in stride.  Same with disappointments in life, in not seeing things move forward as I hoped, and working on alternative plans.  The important thing is not whether life etc… disappoint, but how you deal with it, what you do with it, how you react to it.  Yes, there is some sadness etc.., but never get caught up in it, stuck in it, never, that is where you sell yourself and the world short.